Use the templates below to make “Kitties Don’t Wear Astronaut Costumes”-inspired crafts. The below templates and instruction sheets are set up as jpegs. Hold down on the images and you can save them to your camera roll on your phone, and then print..

If you prefer PDFs on a computer, you can download files from this link:

Post photos of your completed crafts on Instagram, tagging @kitties_dont_eat_quesadillas and @the_kitty_tales and we’ll repost your images.

Articulated Cats

Popsicle-Stick Ballerinas

Pirate Hat, Patch, & Hook

Stretching Cats

Folded Kitty

Cat Paper Dolls

Extra cats:

Cat Masks

Recycled Robots

Straw-Launched Rockets

Halloween Cats & Bats