The second book follows Mr. Beans, a cat who is trying to teach a class of children the difference between cats and dogs. Besides cats being smarter, cuter, and drooling way less, they also don’t allow their humans to put them in costumes (“at least the self-respecting ones don’t,” according to Mr. Beans). The A-to-Z book covers Astronaut costumes to Zombie costumes—and everything in between. Dog lovers, please don’t take offense. The book is intended to be humorous, not mean.

Fifty percent of profits go to charity! With each purchase of a book, 25% of proceeds go to A Kitten Place animal rescue in Brandon, FL, and another 25% goes to Pepin Academies Riverview campus in Riverview, FL.


The cover of Kitties Don’t Eat Quesadillas drawn by Logan, age 6

How the book came about…

When the Martinez family’s cat Izzy—already a picky eater—became sick, she stopped eating foods that she normally liked. So, Logan, a fellow picky eater, thought: Why don’t we give her a quesadilla? It was solid logic for a six-year-old. He’s a picky eater and he likes quesadillas. Maybe Izzy would too?

But mom, Patty, said: “Kitties don’t eat quesadillas!” Logan, a fan of the Dragons Love Tacos books, immediately blurted out: “That would be a great book title!”

With Patty being a writer and magazine editor, and Logan loving to draw, the two set out to collaborate on a book as a fun family project. They decided on the A-to-Z format, and went from there. The descriptions of why the cats wouldn’t like certain foods is largely based on Logan’s own tastes.

Logan has lots of sensory issues when it comes to eating. He carefully inspects the look, feel, smell, and texture of foods before they even make it into his mouth. He’s not alone. Even children without IEPs have very—ahem—discerning palettes that their caregivers have to learn to understand and to live with. Logan and Patty hope this book will help start those conversations of why being picky isn’t always a choice (for cats, or humans). 

***DISCLAIMER: This is a book of fiction, meant to entertain. It is not intended to actually help you decide what to feed your felines! Since writing this book for Izzy, who has since passed away, the Martinez family has adopted a kitten, Beans, who does in fact love (stealing) quesadillas!