Logan unbags plushies made based on his drawings in Kitties Don’t Eat Quesadillas!

Directly after saying “Cut!” Logan started art directing and certain modifications had to be made. Can you spot the differences?

From left: Letter C (Carrots are “too loud, too crunchy”); Letter J (Jelly is “too wiggly, too jiggly”); Letter O (Octopus is “too chewy, too ew-y)


To date, we have donated books to Lisa Libraries in Kingston, NY; The Ford Boulevard Elementary School in Los Angeles, CA: Books for Kids in NY, NY; Book Trust in Denver, CO; Philadelphia Reads in Philadelphia, PA; Bernie’s Book Bank in Lake Bluff, IL; Children’s Book Project in San Francisco, CA; The Maryland Book Bank in Baltimore, MD; The Children’s Book Bank in Portland, OR; SCARCE in Glen Ellyn, IL; and the North Texas Collegiate Academy in Denton, TX.


“I love the tongue-out expressions on the cat and the octopus, and the exes for eyes, and the circles for the suckers, on the octopus. Logan is so great about getting those little details exactly right.”


That’s always the goal, right? Well, that’s our goal with this family project—that turned into a book, that we hope will turn into a way to give back to Rock n’ Rescue and North Shore Animal League America. These two wonderful organizations helped bring us three of our cats, Beans, Gala, and Brimley (RIP)—which really means they brought tremendous love, light, and laughter to our lives. And for that, we will be forever grateful.

So for every copy of Kitties Don’t Eat Quesadillas sold (in hardback, paperback, and as an ebook), we will donate 25 percent of profits to Rock n’ Rescue, and 25 percent of profits to North Shore Animal League America (in case you were wondering, the rest will go into Logan’s college fund).


Logan, the day he received the first-bound book of his drawings as a surprise from mom. 
It was simply made on Snapfish, and it was only intended for family and close friends.

We have been so overwhelmed with the love and support—especially from the cat community—over Kitties Don’t Eat Quesadillas. The intention was never to publish the book, but just to make a few copies for friends and family. But once we posted about how proud Logan was of the book on social media, people started telling us things like:

I’m a preschool teacher, and I would love to read this to my class.”

“I have the pickiest eater on the planet and she would be so happy reading this.”

“This book needs to be published, and I’ll take three copies!”

“I don’t even have any kids in my life, but I want to read this.”

So, we decided, why not? It’s been a pretty heavy learning curve. But we’re so thrilled that you want to read our work, and can’t wait to bring it to you!